The Celtics Are 1 Game Away From Extinction; Stephen Curry & Ty Lawson Go Berserk

04.27.13 4 years ago
Carmelo Anthony

Carmelo Anthony (photo. Zach Wolfe)

Sometimes in the NBA Playoffs, two squads will matchup and eventually it’ll become so obvious who the better team is that even the players just have to give in. The Knicks and Celtics have reached that point, and they got there in the early moments of the second half during New York’s 90-76 Game 3 win. Carmelo Anthony was lighting people up on his way to 26 points, and whenever he took a break, J.R. Smith (15 points) responded with fadeaways and pull-ups. Then there was Raymond Felton (15 points, 10 assists), exploding down the lane as if someone was taunting him with a pizza underneath the rim. … On the other side, Boston’s offense was worse than Rajon Rondo‘s Urkel glasses. They couldn’t score, couldn’t make shots, and compounded the problems by coughing the rock up 17 times. They scored 45 second half points and that was an improvement on the first two games. … New York was simply waiting on the clock to run out when J.R. Smith lost his mind and randomly threw an elbow at Jason Terry‘s face in the second half. JET responded with one of those typical “I’m gonna kill him… hold me back, though… I’M GONNA KILL HIM… HOLD ME BACK!” dances. Smith was ejected, and later Doc Rivers said he wished he was playing (translation: “I would’ve smacked him”).

The Denver and Golden State shootout ended the only way it could’ve. Down four, Wilson Chandler banged a three, then nearly tied Jarrett Jack up before the Warriors called time. The Nuggets somehow forced a five-second violation (!) to get one chance in the last 10 seconds to win. Too bad Ty Lawson — who was an animal all night — dribbled out of bounds. Denver did get one more shot at it after Golden State hit a freebie, and unbelievably Andre Iguodala was thisclose to banging a half-court shot for the win. In the end, the Warriors get the 2-1 lead after the 110-108 W. In the loss, Lawson had 35 points and 10 assists, and was a missile all night getting to the rim. There was one play in particular where he countered a Steph Curry triple with a crossover and layup on the other end that might’ve taken three seconds at the most. On the other side, Curry might’ve been even better, finishing with 29 points and 11 assists. He also got a big boost from Jack, who was pushed into the starting lineup and finished with 23 points and seven dimes. Jack warmed up with a couple of pull-ups to start the game, and then when he got isolated against JaVale McGee early, put a nasty double crossover on him that had the big fella ready to lose his feet before Jack finished in the lane. … Keep reading to get an update on Russell Westbrook’s injury…

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