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99 Hilarious, Ironic And All-Around Strange Church Signs

By 04.25.11
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A long time ago, as a young boy growing up in feudal Japan, I asked my mother and father, “Where do babies come from?” They told me in great detail and I threw up for hours as they explained the graphic points, so it was then that I learned to ask simpler questions, most notably – “Where did the church sign meme come from?”

The fact is that at some point someone decided that it would be funny to photoshop funny phrases on church signs and send them out into the world so that millions of foolish people would believe they were real. Obviously there are also some real signs out there from real churches that are run by people with senses of humor. But chances are those pictures of the dueling church signs debating the canine place in heaven that your brother sent you with the message “Dude, I drive by this daily!” are fake. And I hate to play the spoiler here, especially with the gods already angry with me for being so awesome, so I say we spare the questions and just enjoy some good humor.

As always, I tip my cap to the fine folks at some of the best sites in the business, including Best Week Ever, Some eCards, The God Article (clever naming there), and the very obvious Says-It (AKA Church Sign Generator), for collecting or creating some of these signs, but just for poops and giggles, have some fun trying to figure out which are real and which are fake. The prize? Eternal LOLness.

(Pssssssst… I think this one might be fake. Call it a hunch.)






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