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PETA Thinks You Should Stop Taking What It Does So Seriously. Also — 4 Games That Actually Deserve the PETA Parody Treatment

By 11.18.11

Games that Actually Deserve the PETA Parody Treatment

Red Dead Redemption – So PETA thinks we should be outraged by Mario wearing the equivalent of a child’s teddy bear pyjamas, but this goes without comment by them?

Cabela’s Hunting games – These games are nothing but shooting furry woodland creatures in the face. Also, lately the development teams behind the games have been infiltrated by crazy people who think nature is out to murder us all.

Harvest Moon series – Succeeding in these games means exploiting your collection of livestock non-stop for wool, milk and eggs. Sure, you can do the “free range” thing and let them wander outside if you want, but you get about the same results if you leave them cooped up in the barn. You can even give your animals a whack or two with your axe without the game penalizing you much.

More like “Island of Hellish Animal Exploitation“!

Sonic the Hedgehog (2006 version) – This game boldly went where no Sonic game had gone before — human/hedgehog romance. Surely PETA is against bestiality, right? Probably? Hmmmm.

What games do you guys think actually have the PETA parody treatment coming? Just want to list your top 5 tastiest animals? Or maybe you’re a card carrying PETA member and want to explain how we here at GammaSquad are missing the joke. Leave a comment below!

PETA response via Kotaku

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