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Sony Unveils The Playstation 4 In An Endurance Testing Press Conference

By 02.21.13

– Lots more talk that basically boils down “the PS4 will connect to the INTERNET guys”.

Instant Reaction – Oddly, no talk of how all this “fluidly connecting to a larger world” is required and how you’re not allowed to fluidly connect to used games.

– David Perry, creator of Earthworm Jim and founder of Gaikai is out to unveil some stuff that’s actually interesting. You can suspend and resume any game. Updates and downloads are handled by a separate chip and can be done while playing games or while the system is shut off. Can instantly record and share gameplay videos.

Instant Reaction – Not exactly groundbreaking, but some nice features nonetheless.

– Just push the “share” button on the PS4 controller to broadcast your gaming to other PS4s or to UStream. Friends can “look over your shoulder” and post comments as you play, or even take over your game if you’re having trouble. You can also let game developers monitor your gameplay.

Instant Reaction – First actually interesting feature of this now almost-hour-long conference. Although am I the only one who remembers when people looking over your shoulders was a bad thing?

– Can transfer PS4 games to Vita with Remote Play. Goal is to have most PS4 games playable on Vita. Browse videos and challenge friends on smartphones and tablets.

– Very non-specific talk of the Playstation Cloud service. Gamers could theoretically access all of Sony’s past, present and future games on the service.

– Endless video of developers saying the PS4 is wonderful. God-dammit, I’m skipping ahead to when they actually show another game. Okay? We all cool with that? Thanks.

Killzone: Shadow Fall is announced. Lots of shots of a large futuristic city. Walking around in more antiseptic futuristic environments. Ruh oh, everything just went boom! Shooting, shooting, shooting, more shooting.

Instant Reaction – Does this game look better than The Last of Us? Nope again.

Driveclub. It’s a racing game.

Instant Reaction – Does this game look better than The Last of Us? Eh, kind of apples and oranges. Looks photo-realistic at times, but then driving games have pretty much looked photo-realistic for the past five years or so.

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