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5 Simple Features That Would Make Next-Gen Consoles Far More Enticing

By / 06.28.13


Next-gen consoles — I’m not really convinced yet. Yeah, I own a Wii U because I’m a hopeless Nintendo fan and high-def Nintendo games are something I’d been waiting forever for. But the Xbox One and the PS4? I dunno. The games announced so far don’t seem that far beyond current gen games, and most of the touted features for both systems I’m either here-nor-there on (the PS4′s Share button) or outright against (the Xbox One’s always on Super Kinect). Obviously I’ll get one or both eventually, but I’m not there at launch. Not yet.

That said, there are a handful of simple features now possible due to new technology that would really pique my interest in next-gen consoles. These features wouldn’t necessarily be mind-blowing or revolutionize the way you play or anything — they’re just basic stuff this gamer of over 25-years has wanted for a while. Stuff like…

Every Console Should Have Its Own “Gaming Netflix” On Day One

Right now I can watch thousands of HD movies on my console, no fuss, no muss. An HD movie comprises as much, if not more, data than an HD game. Certainly more than most retro games. There’s no reason a “Netflix Instant” for games shouldn’t work. Both Sony and Microsoft are talking big about their Cloud services — let’s put them to good use.

I want every Sony published game ever available on the PS4 at launch, and every Microsoft game ever available on the Xbox One. 3rd party games can come later. 10 bucks a month. No half steps or screwing around — no releasing one game here, one game there and charging for each individually.

gammasquadnextgenfeatures2The concept of renting games doesn’t have to die with Blockbuster.

While You’re At It, Bring Back Game Rentals

For most of my gaming career I rented most of the titles I played. I’m pretty sure the majority of people did, and yet oddly, the gaming industry didn’t collapse into a smoldering heap because of it.

Of course, the business of renting physical media is all but dead, but that just means Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo have the opportunity to take over the business themselves. No more paying a cut to Blockbuster!

For 5 bucks I should be able to temporarily download any new game for two or three days and play as deeply into it as I want. From there, it could choose whether I wanted to buy the game permanently or rent it again. I can 100% guarantee, if I could rent games again, I’d play a hell of a lot more games.

Publishers would no longer live in fear of Metacritic — who cares if a game only gets a score in the 60s? Just give it a rental and try it out! At least publishers would make some money off a middling game rather than having it gather dust on GameStop’s shelves. Bringing back game rentals would be good for everyone.

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