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The 2013 Version Of Lara Croft Gets Her Own Epic, Violent Fan Film

By 12.30.13


Lara Croft and the Tomb Raider series had a bit of a rebirth in 2013, so that must mean more Tomb Raider movies, right? Well, who knows — the last Tomb Raider flick starring Angelina Jolie at the height of her powers was a flop, so we’ll see how quickly another Tomb Raider movie materializes.

But hey, who needs Hollywood? A bunch of talented fans got together and made Croft, a 20-minute fan film that pretty much boils the latest Tomb Raider game down to it’s essential elements — those elements being Lara Croft killing an endless succession of dudes like a ponytailed John McClane.

You can check out the fan film below. It starts off a little over-dramatic, but things get rolling once the ulta-violence starts…

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Nice twist at the end there. Would have been interesting if the video game had tried something similar.

via Kotaku

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