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GammaSquad’s 50 Best-Looking Games Of All Time: #40-#31

By 06.05.14

38) Zone of the Enders



Zone of the Enders pulled off a rare feat in that it felt like an animated episode you were controlling, not a bunch of polygons that looked vaguely cartoony. The robot design played to the strengths of the format, as well, and it looked good even before it got “remastered” for the PS3

37) BioShock Infinite


Take Two Interactive

Painstaking historical research went into this game, and it shows. Imagining a city floating in the skies that manifests both how America saw itself, and the troubling dark side of American exceptionalism, was no easy feat, but this game evokes a time that never was and an attitude that was all too real at the same time.

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