Here Are 7 Explosively Colorful Games To Play Over The Fourth Of July Weekend

By: 07.03.14


InFamous: Second Son

Want your color with a little more edge? Well, the InFamous series has always been good about adding a bit of vibrancy to the M-rated, triple-A scene. If you can’t get your hands on some real fireworks, you can at least spend the afternoon shooting them out of your hands in InFamous: Second Son.



Any Worms Games

Man, I love me some Worms. Colorful, not too demanding and packed with joyful destruction, they’re really the perfect games for the Fourth. There are an absurd number of Worms games out there — the most recent, Worms Battlegrounds, came out only a month ago in fact. It really doesn’t matter which one you pick though, since they’re all more or less the same (and all very fun).

So, let’s hear from the actual Americans. What will you folks be playing this Fourth of July weekend?

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