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‘SNL’ Recap: Say Goodbye to Kristen Wiig, Say Hello to Mick Jagger |Warming Glow|

No One Told Community Showrunner Dan Harmon He Was Being Canned, Says Dan Harmon |UPROXX|

Meme Watch: Douchebag Guitarist Is Ready To Tear Up Guitar Center With Some Stairway |UPROXX|

This Arnold Schwarzenegger Remix Is The Best Thing You’ll Listen To Today |Film Drunk|

With Spandex Episode 3: Icarus |With Leather|

Sorry Ladies, Mark Zuckerberg Is Now A Married Man |UPROXX|

Reporter Kisses Will Smith, Will Smith Slaps Reporter |Smoking Section|

The St. Louis Cardinals Have Incredible Fashion Sense |With Leather|

Emma Stone Is Adorable At Everything |Film Drunk|

The Best GIFs from Season Three of ‘Community’ |Warming Glow|

The Art Of Sequencing By Alicia Keys |Smoking Section|

The 10 Most Glorious Unibrows In Sports History |Buzzfeed|

Five Awful Actors Who Had One Great Performance |Unreality|

A Bottle Of Jagermeister vs. Shoenice, WHO YA GOT? |GorillaMask|

37 Years Of ‘SNL’ Cast Members In One Epic Timeline |HuffPost Comedy|

Robot Can Use the Microwave, Begun These Hot Pockets Wars Have |Technabob|

5 Actors Who Thought They Were Novelists (And Were Very, Very Wrong) |Pajiba|

20 Phrases You Hear During Graduation, and What They Really Mean |College Humor|

VIDEO BELOW: Clever dog knows how to get the sock puppets off the ceiling fan. |via Arbroath|

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