Dogs Breaking The Law And Partying Hard For Friday (And Links)

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50 Cent Explains How To Stop Masturbating, In Four Simple Steps |UPROXX|

Nancy Grace Has Mastered Twitter |Warming Glow|

Today in Armond White: Why Crystal Skull is better than Raiders of the Lost Ark |Film Drunk|

Sports On TV: The Three Stooges’ 15 Greatest Sports Moments |With Leather|

Does Kreayshawn’s Failed Album Signify The Gimmick Rapper Bubble Bursting? |Smoking Section|

Of Course Hochuli Celebrated Going Back To Work With Pushups |Kissing Suzy Kolber|

Witness ‘Star Wars’ Throughout History In ‘If Star Wars Were Real’ |Gamma Squad|

The 25 Douchiest Bars In Boston |Complex|

Paper-Cut Action Silhouettes |High Definite|

15 Famous People With The Highest IQs |Unreality|

Photoshop’s New Chinese Food Tool |College Humor|

TV shows and movies if they were re-shot today |Pajiba|

The Weird Nicknames of 8 Spy Agency Headquarters |Mental Floss|

Azealia Banks Is Single-Handedly Making Cowboy Hats Cool Again |Buzzfeed|

Jerry Jones Negotiates with Taco on ‘The League,’ and It Is Predictably Absurd |Brobible|

So Charles Manson sent Marilyn Manson a letter. And, as you may have expected, it’s a weird one |Fark|

VIDEO BELOW: Maggie the Miniature Schnauzer can’t withstand the weight of her life jacket. |via DP&F|

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[Pictures via Daily Of The Day and Daily Picks And Flicks.]

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