Grumpy Cat Goes ‘Game Of Thrones’, Samus vs. The Internet’s Final Boss, And Afternoon Links

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“Samus faces her toughest opponent yet” — LungLump

‘SNL’ Recap: Vince Vaughn And Miguel |Warming Glow|

Justin Bieber Went To The Anne Frank House, Wrote ‘She Would Have Been A Belieber’ In Guest Book |UPROXX|

Scary Movie 5 Ripped Off Idiocracy’s Joke about Putting Butt Stuff in Your Mouth |Film Drunk|

A New Reason To Love The Houston Texans: Texans Cheerleaders Are Fandangoing |With Leather|

You Will Watch PSY’s “Gentleman” Video Because He Farts And Forces Someone To Smell It |Smoking Section|

NFL Players as Superheroes part 3, Return of the Puns |Kissing Suzy Kolber|

The Will Ferrell Yelling Supercut |Clip Nation|

SNL Takes On Gun Control |HuffPost Comedy|

An amazing behind-the-scenes moment on Seinfeld |The Chive|

Eight TV Deaths That Made You Miserable |Unreality|

Every Facebook Birthday Wall Ever |College Humor|

5 Ways Video Games Are Saving Mankind |Brobible|

‘How to Mack’ by Sex Master Ron Biggs |Gorilla Mask|

10 Rappers That Forgot to Pay Their Taxes |Giant Life|

Power Ranking The Cast Of Troop Beverly Hills |Pajiba|

The Back-To-The-Camera Shot Supercut |High Definite|

The Secret History of Kobe Bryant’s Rap Career |Grantland|

6 Mind-Blowing Things Recently Discovered From WWII |Cracked|

Duck Hunt Pinball Machine is Still Hounded by that Damned Dog |Technabob|

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