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ABOVE: So the Algonquin Hotel held another cat fashion show this this weekend.

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Director Promises Human Centipede 3 Will Be 1,000 Percent More Medically Accurate |FilmDrunk|

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Arrested Development Legos. Yuuuuup. |WarmingGlow|

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More Accurate Titles for New Fall TV Shows |College Humor|

Cinema’s 12 Greatest Albino or Albino-like Characters|Pajiba|

David Koechner on Todd Packer’s Future on The Office |AOL TV|

This Thai motorcycle artist may have liked the Alien series |I-Am-Bored|

VIDEO BELOW: Captain Awesome is pretty awesome, I guess. (NSFW audio) |via TheHighDefinite|

[Inset picture via Etsy]

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