Panda Likes What He Sees, Cats Need An Intervention, and Links

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Lecherous panda is lecherous.

Here’s Why You Should Never Post Your Mom’s Photo To A Message Board [Uproxx]

11 Diabolical Plans Discovered On Osama Bin Laden’s Hard Drives [Uproxx]

Brad Pitt will box your child [Filmdrunk]

Mother of the year [WarmingGlow]

A guide to not recognizing your mascots [WithLeather]

Random Netflix: The “Worse Than Tyler Perry” Edition [TSS]

The World’s Cheapest Celebrities [UGO]

Calvin & Hobbes: The Next Generation [Buzzfeed]

A Gallery of MMO Players in Game and in Life [Unreality]

So Tom Sizemore Might’ve Killed His Girlfriend [TheSuperficial]

Most Ridiculous Swedish Condom Commercial Ever Features Rabbits Dressed Like Hockey Players [Brobible]

Bernard Hopkins Says Donovan McNabb Isn’t Black [TheUrbanDaily]

Flash Game: Fling turtles at women dressed as hamburgers [AdultSwim]

Bad News: Sitting Is Killing You. Also killing you? Everything else. [TSJ]

Bin Laden emailed everyone via flash drives, couriers, and internet cafes [Fark]

Comical Clones: 25 Athletes That Resemble Childhood TV Characters [BleacherReport]

VIDEO BELOW: Kitty needs her cigarettes [via ObviousWinner]

[Pictures via Telegraph and TheFrogman]

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