Reindeer Cat Loses The Will To Live (And Links)

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Power Up: The Top 14 Video Games Of 2011 |Smoking Section|

7 Things About “The League” Cast that You Probably Didn’t Know |Warming Glow|

Baby seal pulls a Rip Torn, breaks into house, sleeps on couch |Film Drunk|

Fight Club Soap, Sex Panther Cologne, And More Pop Culture Holiday Gift Ideas From Omni Products |UPROXX|

Is Greg Oden’s Team Photo The Saddest Thing You’ve Ever Seen? |With Leather|

Patton Oswalt Made A Parody PSA Of The Alamo Drafthouse No Texting PSA |UPROXX|

Donald Glover Tells Marc Maron That He Masturbates To Susan Sarandon |UPROXX|

The Nine Worst Single-Season Villains |Warming Glow|

Daniel Day-Lewis in full costume on the set of Lincoln |Film Drunk|

Santa Claus Gets All The Hot Cheerleaders |With Leather|

Rick Perry Dr. Seuss Books |Buzzfeed|

Smug Tesla Roadster Owner Is Smug |I-Am-Bored|

Adult Swim Interview: Norm Macdonald Digs Shakespeare |Adult Swim|

Rating the 10 Most Traumatic Character Deaths of the Year in Television|Pajiba|

‘We Bought a Zooey’ Is the Quirky Feel-Good Movie of the Holiday Season |The FW|

Best Performances of 2011: From Uggie to Rooney Mara, the Top 11 in ’11 |Moviefone|

Alice Cooper discusses music, life, and the night that he almost murdered Elvis…wait, wait WHAT? |FARK|

VIDEO BELOW: Yoga Cat is gettin’ zen. |via|

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