Skiing With A Jetpack Is So Rad

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03.09.11 3 Comments

Nice lens flare.  Did J.J. Abrams take this picture?

Real estate broker / stuntman* Troy Hartman strapped two jet engines on his back to propel himself on skis (video below).  The engines are meant for military drones and use regular jet fuel.  At 50% throttle he reached speeds of 47 mph.  He was also able to go uphill on black diamond slopes.  Although it’s not in the video, he says he’s tried to use a jetpack while paragliding, and “although it does work, the mental and physical stress levels get too high with the way the system is designed right now. But I am constantly working on the necessary mods to make it more user friendly.”  Make that your top priority.  The world needs user-friendly jet paragliders, now more than ever.

* I’m pretty sure part of the job when you’re a real estate broker / stuntman is to show prospective clients how great the view is on a high rise balcony then surprise them by basejumping.  Nothing like thinking you just witnessed a suicide to make you realize how awesome the crown molding in the dining room was.  Instant sale.

[via Superpunch]

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