Will Namor Be The Villain In “Iron Man 3?” Probably Not.

So, you may have been hearing that Namor is the villain for “Iron Man 3”. This is based on three things:

  • They’re shooting at a studio in Wilmington, North Carolina, that happens to have a huge water tank.
  • There was a blink-and-you’ll-miss-it reference to Atlantis in “Iron Man 2”.
  • Shane Black, like, totally dissed The Mandarin.
  • Fans desperately want “Iron Man 3” to center around “Demon In A Bottle”.

Well, sorry to burst your bubble, fanboys, but we can think of a couple of very good reasons why, in fact, this won’t happen.

First of all, there’s no guarantee they’re adapting “Demon In a Bottle”, or that they’re using the water tank extensively. Secondly, Namor just isn’t that popular a character: witness his recent ongoing bombing after less than a year in print. Thirdly, considering he’s a part of the Defenders, and Marvel has a Doctor Strange movie coming…

We’re not ruling out his showing up; Marvel loves throwing in little cookies like this. But it seems unlikely they’re going to try and pull a “Catwoman” with one of their most popular franchises.

[ via the Atlanteans at ComicBook ]

image courtesy Marvel Comics

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