10 Observations About Meryl Streep’s ‘Into the Woods’ Poster

11.05.14 3 years ago

Well, we have a new poster of Meryl Streep serving up musical sorcery in the upcoming epic “Into the Woods.” Hooray! This is the world's attempt to be a great place and I've decided to respect it.

Let's take a look and offer up 10 observations.


1. I just, just, just realized this is a GIF. Note the mist. Why? This is potentially the least necessary GIF of all time. The point of this GIF is “Meryl Streep is a witch and someone is smoking a Winston near her, I guess.”

2. She looks mad. She knows we remember “The Giver.”

3. The hair color is a little too sidewalk chalk for me. She looks less like a witch and more like a ninth-place “American Idol” contestant.

4. She's leaning in and saying, “Call Helena Bonham Carter. She'll love this.”

5. Or “Stop asking me to join 'American Horror Story,' Ryan Murphy, I already gave you Grace Gummer.”

6. Or “Here comes another Golden Globe nomination. Ugh. Those damn things are Candy Crush invites to me.”

7. “Into the Woods” is basically going to be “Thriller” starring cast members from “The Devil Wears Prada.” 

8. Do you think she researched living in a tree and scowling at the night by interviewing Tilda Swinton?

9. I kind of believe this is just Meryl after hearing that critics thought Julia Roberts was the best part of “August Osage County.”

10. What a fine commentary on the roles available to esteemed actresses over the age of 60.

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