12 of Justin Bieber’s most hideously ugly drop-crotch pants: A photographic consideration

08.08.13 4 years ago 35 Comments

If there’s one thing we have learned about Justin Bieber lately (other than the fact that he probably will be going to jail, at some point), it is the following: Justin Bieber really, really loves to wear horrendously ugly drop-crotch pants, in public.

Seriously, it is all he wears. Drop-crotch pants. Drop-crotch prints with zebra-print patterns. Drop-crotch pants made out of leather. Drop-crotch pants that are also pajamas. And so on. And yet while they appear to be wildly impractical, drop-crotch pants are actually quite appropriate for all sorts of occasions, as it turns out. Like, for instance…

Meeting with your fans:

Justin Bieber pants

Being caught in a flood, possibly:

Justin Bieber pants

Posing shirtless for little girls and their mothers:

Dodging photographers while flashing peace signs:

Cuddling wildcats who should be in the wild and not in somebody’s house:

Justin Bieber pants

Taking pictures with young fans who will wonder what they were thinking when they get older:

Looking surly on red carpets while wearing really douchey trucker caps:

Justin Bieber pants

Acting hard even though you have bodyguards:

Acting hard while stepping out of vehicles even though you have bodyguards:

Performing shitty songs:

Justin Bieber pants

Having vapid conversations on cell phones:

Justin Bieber pants

And last but not least, attending totally meaningless events:

Justin Bieber pants

You see, everybody? Drop-crotch pants may make Justin Bieber look like he just pooped his pants, but they are also one of the most adaptable fashion options out there. So keep wearing them, Justin. Seriously, keep wearing them, as much as you possibly can.

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