13 behind-the-scenes photos from ‘Star Wars: The Force Awakens’


It”s Day One of the 2015 Star Wars Celebration and Disney/Lucasfilm took off at a sprint. The first panel of the weekend was for the upcoming “Star Wars: The Force Awakens” film. Fans who were hoping to get a glimpse of what”s to come were not disappointed.

Celebrity appearances from the cast and the reveal of the updated Stormtrooper look kept the excitement level cranked up. A major revelation by JJ Abrams that all these desert sequences were part of a new planet called Jakku and NOT Tatooine was a bit of a shock. Oscar Isaac saying his X-Wing pilot was sent on a mission “from a certain princess” sent up a whoop from the audience, while John Boyega dodging the question Finn's allegiance to the Empire elicited laughs.

But now that we”ve all watched the trailer at least ten times and questioned what it all means, take a look at the handful of behind-the-scenes images that were shown during the “Force Awakens” panel.

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