140 days until Star Wars: Mark Hamill is an Autograph Jedi


In the time before time – when fans wanted their favorite celebrity”s autograph and not a selfie with them – getting a famous person”s John Hancock was the cat pajamas (or whatever people said in the time before time). But not all celebrity signatures were created equal.

Case in point: Mark Hamill was a regular Dad Joke™ generator. Redditor iBleeedorange somehow stumbled into a cache of old Star Wars cards signed by Hamill. For those unfamiliar with the cards – or only familiar with their digital counterpart – these Topps trading cards came packaged in a set along with a stick of gum. They were a HUGE collector”s item, so it”s no wonder some fans sought out Hamill to up the value of their cards even further.

They got more than they bargained for. Well played, Mark Hamill. Well played indeed.

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