266 days until Star Wars: Officially updated timeline includes new shows and novels



Eagle-eyed fans over at German fansite Jedi-Bibliothek noticed something in the latest copies of “Star Wars: A New Dawn” that are circulating on Amazon. A chronological timeline of all the new books, including one not yet announced entitled simply “Battlefront.”

Image Credit: LucasBooks

Of the announced books, “Heir to the Jedi” and “Tarkin” are already on store shelves. The former deals with Luke Skywalker”s attempts to wield the Force after the death of Obi-Wan Kenobi. The latter shows how Tarkin rose to power.

“Dark Disciple” delves into the story of Asajj Ventress, former Sith apprentice to Count Dooku as she teams up with a Jedi to take out her former master. “Lords of the Sith” sees Darth Vader and Emperor Palpatine stranded on an inhospitable planet. Hilarity ensues, I assume. And finally, “Aftermath” replaces the “The Truce At Bakura” in the Expanded Universe and will rewrite what happened in the immediate wake of the destruction of the second Death Star.

“Battlefront” is a wild card. IGN seems to think the timeline is giving placement to the upcoming video game, but I”m not so sure. These titles are all novels published by Del Rey”s LucasBooks imprint (unless otherwise noted). None of the Marvel comics that are also canon are included. This leads me to believe “Battlefront” is indeed a book, though perhaps tied-in with the upcoming game.

Speaking of titles not included, let”s add them in!

STAR WARS, DARTH VADER, and PRINCESS LEIA take place after “A New Hope.” Meanwhile, the upcoming KANAN – THE LAST PADAWAN bridges the gap between “The Clones Wars” and “Rebels.”

Also missing is “Star Wars: Rogue One” which has yet to be given a solid place in the official timeline.

If you ever wanted to know more about a galaxy far, far away but the Star Wars Expanded Universe was too byzantine to manage, now is a great time to hop in on the ground floor on a whole new chapter of sanctioned lore!

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