27 Things I Learned from 2 Minutes of Oprah Making Chai

04.28.14 4 years ago 3 Comments

Oprah made some of her new signature Teavana chai in a video. The video is more educational than any other existing video. Here is what it taught us. Here we go. 

1. Oprah's morning ritual begins with boiling water.

2. While the water's boiling, Oprah goes ahead and starts the steeping process.

3. Here we go.

4. It's a big pot.

5. If you don't like your tea strong, go with two teaspoons instead of two tablespoons.

6. Oprah goes with two tablespoons because she likes to get the day going.

7. That's why she does two tablespoons.

8. Oprah is someone who says “Fill 'er up.”

9. While THAT is steeping? That's when Oprah starts to froth her milk.

10. Yeah! Here we go!

11. Oprah doesn't need a timer because Oprah is the one who beeps. 

12. This is going to make some good chai, baby. 

13. Oprah likes everything about this.

14. She loves the coloring.

15. She loves pouring from the pot.

16. She likes watching the tea leaves expand.

17. The first time Oprah had REAL CHAI? Was in India. At someone's home.

18. It was some reallllllaaay niiicee tea.

19. That's when she became a pursuant of really strong chai.

20. That's good.

21. Mmm. Great flavor. 

22. Oprah is very comfortable calling it “Oprah Chai.”

23. If she does say so herself, she likes her tea savory and strong.

24. Chai is about going “YAYESSSSS,” not “Nyes.” 

25. Once more: “YAYESSSS.”

26. That? 

27. Is how you get your chai on. 

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