9 Reasons Kathy Griffin is the Perfect Daytime Emmys Host

06.13.14 4 years ago

Kathy Griffin, who recently set the record for most TV standup specials by any comedian ever, has just been tasked with hosting the 2014 Daytime Emmys on June 22. Newsflash: This is a great idea. The ceremony, which will air online this year, needs a burst of obnoxious glamor to remain a viable telecast. Kathy is the dame to do it. Here are nine very specific, very important reasons she's the perfect Daytime Emmys host. 

1. Her New Year's gigs with Anderson Cooper prove she's the best host. Period. 

2. She doesn't mind laying into Daytime Emmy gods like Oprah.

3. She can apparently be nice to celebrities? Whatever.

I guess diplomacy is a nice skill to have in a public venue. Sidenote: Ellen DeGeneres played this same game with Kathy before. Why are you ripping off other daytime doyennes, Latifah?

4. She can handle the game show categories since she's a game show champion.

Here she is defeating Bob Goen and Brad Garrett on a celebrity edition of “Rock & Roll Jeopardy!” 

5. She's also cool with trashing the Daytime Emmys in general.

Click to 3:17. Her story about last year's Daytime Emmys is pretty kickass. Dr. Drew discovered a “medical emergency” in the middle of the ceremony and fled the room with the woman from “The Doctors.”

6. She understands the power of trash TV, as she was a contestant (and winner) on “Celebrity Mole: Hawaii.”

Take that, Stephen Baldwin and Corbin Bernsen!

7. Since she's an improv veteran, she knows how to kill time.

Groundlings. 1986. This is a decade before we knew her as the saucy soubrette on “Suddenly Susan.”

8. And, oh, what the hell? She'll start a fight if she has to.

9. Finally (and best of all): She loves daytime TV so much that she ambushed the “Maury” show in disguise.

That right there? Is credibility.

When it comes to the 2014 Daytime Emmys, Kathy: You ARE the father.

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