Aaron Paul: Bryan Cranston and I want to be part of ‘Better Call Saul’

01.08.14 4 years ago

Aaron Paul: Bryan Cranston and I want to be part of “Better Call Saul”
The former “Breaking Bad” star tells Details: “Both Bryan and I want to be a part of that, if they’ll have us.”

Fox News chief wants to create a history channel with Bill O’Reilly: “I’d like history done correctly for a change”

“I would like News Corp to form a history channel and let Bill work with me,” says Fox News chairman and CEO Roger Ailes. “I’d run it for him because I’d like history done correctly for a change. They’re not teaching the kids the real stuff. I think there is room for another channel, and I would love to do it.”

Bruce Springsteen is returning to “Late Night”

Jimmy Fallon is excited to have “our pal” back next Tuesday.

“Justified” returns down 21%
About 2.84 million tuned in for the Season 5 premiere.

NBC orders “Marry Me” from the creator of “Happy Endings”
David Caspe’s comedy pilot revolves around a recently engaged couple.

Ellen unveils her official Oscars poster

“I’d like to thank The Academy. Seriously. Thank you,” tweeted Ellen DeGeneres.

Stevie Nicks just wanted to do an “American Horror Story” walk-through
“I would just walk through and go, ‘Hello, witches! Goodbye, witches!’ I really thought that was going to be it,” she says. “I had no idea that I”d be written in until I got to New Orleans.”

Travel Channel orders pilots for Penn Jillette’s “Street Cred,” plus “Booze Traveler” and “Great Escapes”
Jillette will travel the country with a hidden camera to find the best street performers.

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