‘Cassius and Clay’ drop suave lady bandits into the post-apocalyptic South

08.07.15 2 years ago


Have you ever watched “Archer” and wished the show had more elements of a post-apocalyptic dystopia? Wish granted!

FXX announced today they have picked up “Cassius and Clay” for a 10-episode freshman season. Think of it as Ray Gillette”s hillbilly family. Only instead of swinging marijuana farmers, “Cassius and Clay” focuses on two lady bandits surviving – even thriving – in a futuristic Southern wasteland.

The show will focus on Cassius Cordwood (Katilin Olson) and Shopcarter Clay (Lake Bell) and a band misfits making their way through life in the town of Wilke. Cassius is the hard-drinking charmer with debts to pay while Clay is the fastest gun in the South and drives a sweet station wagon. 

But that”s not all! Susan Sarandon is signed on to voice Connie Mack, the ruthless and cutthroat woman who runs Wilke by running the saloon and the brothel. Connie is engaged in a power struggle with an unarmed opponent in Mayor Waitstill Weeks, voiced by Jeffrey Tambor. The Mayor”s number one gal is Jack Ruby (Katy Mixon) but as the Head-Whore of The Snug, Katy is on Connie”s dime.

Even in a post-apocalyptic universe, taxes must be paid. Robert Patrick is signed on to play Reever Grint, the terrifying tax-collector from the town of Richway. Oh, he”s also the Sheriff. And crooked as a barrel of snakes. Assisting with all things sniveling and villainous is Stephen Root”s character Odum, deputy of general toadie.

Rounding out the cast of survivors are JB Smoove as the paraplegic Doc Benz and his assistant/caregiver Smiffy. Voiced by Kevin Michael Richardson, Smiffy is the town”s gentle giant of a blacksmith who also happens to cart Benz around.

The action-buddy comedy formula is familiar, but it feels like there”s enough here with “Cassius and Clay” to breath life into a well-worn genre. We'll find out for sure sometime in 2016!

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