Chris Hardwick’s new show ‘@midnight’ is already awesome

10.22.13 4 years ago

Comedy Central’s got a brand new late night show called “@midnight,” hosted by the delightful Chris Hardwick. And it isn’t a talk show, it’s a game show all about social media. Hooray!

Last night’s premiere episode featured comedians Natasha Leggero, Kumail Nanjiani and Doug Benson, who all battled one another in a series of Internet-themed challenges. Including this guessing game called “Etsy or Porn”:

And on a darker note, here’s “OkCupid or Serial Killer”:

And most wonderfully, here’s a game that gave us the beautiful hashtag #FilmPoops:

Probably the best thing about this show is that in addition to entertaining us, it teaches us valuable information about the world of pop culture and the weirdos who inhabit the Internet.

Gravity #FilmPoops.

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