Codeine reuniting for tour, All Tomorrow’s Parties, album reissues

11.09.11 6 years ago

I’m still a little hot and bothered by the news of All Tomorrow’s Parties London initial lineup for 2012: Slayer performing “Reign in Blood” in its entirety, the frequently afflicted Mogwai, Sleep (!!), the Melvins, newly reunited Guided By Voices and Yuck. (Fine, fine, and Mudhoney too. Whatever.)

But included in that May 25-27 weekend will be a reunion of slow-core pioneers Codeine. That crew has put themselves back together for what might be a whole tour, in fact, with plans to released their three excellent Sub Pop records. “Frigid Stars” (1990), 1992’s “Barely Real” EP and 1994’s “The White Birch” are getting double-album makeovers, similar to those that enhanced Jesus and Mary Chain’s six album reduxes. They’re due in Spring 2012.

The original lineup of Stephen Immerwahr, John Engle and Chris Brokaw will also be hitting up Spain’s Primavera festival and had this to say in a statement, on ATP’s website: “We will be performing a very limited series of concerts in the US, UK and Europe.” Well, hoo-rah. Brokaw even posted his own email address.

Codeine broke up in 1994 have not played together since. To start any education you may need, check out “Tom” below. Bliss out.

As for ATP, the American weekend has come and gone for the weekend, but the “I’ll Be Your Mirror” version of the fest — curated by Mogwai, will take place that weekend at London’s Alexandra Palace. Maybe see you there?

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