Exclusive clip: Meet new ‘Life Below Zero’ cast member Glenn

10.28.13 4 years ago 22 Comments

Some of us think we’re tough if we have to dig our cars out of the snow (in Southern California, people complain if they get rained on). To disabuse any of us of the idea that we have real challenges, just watch this exclusive clip from “Life Below Zero: The Thaw” (airs Tues. Oct. 29 at 10:00 p.m. on Nat Geo). You know who has it tough? Glenn.  

New cast member Glenn Villeneuve is left dangerously low on food and embarks on a quest to find caribou. This does not involve going to the Safeway and picking up a package. No, he makes his way in the wild almost entirely by hand, with no machines, little fuel, and powered by his own two feet over miles of mountains.

How many miles? Glennis a primitive subsistence hunter living 60 miles from the nearest road. That’s right, 60 miles. Plus, he has no power, no running water, and no heat except for the wood he chops. For Glenn, every day”s to-do list is crucially important, as failure to collect wood, water or food will leave him cold, dehydrated and starving – the perfect meal for the pack of 20 wolves he shares the lake with.

Glenn isn’t the only tough cookie on “Life Below Zero: The Thaw.” With winter over, and the ice melting, remote Alaskans face new dangers and deadly challenges in the changing season. In Eagle, wildlife waking from their months-long hibernation pose a new threat to Andy and Kate, who must “eat or be eaten.” Chip and Agnes take advantage of the post-ice-break-up flooding to try and capture beavers and river rats forced from their homes. The fur they could provide will be a valuable commodity for trade, but the pursuit itself is much more difficult and dangerous than they expected. For Sue in Kavik, it”s a race to pack her freezer with meat before bear season closes. Otherwise she”ll be desperately low on meat next winter. New cast member Glenn is left with a perilously low cache of food, so embarks on a quest to find caribou.

Will you be watching? 

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