First look at James Gandolfini’s final big screen appearance in ‘The Drop’

03.26.14 3 years ago

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Nicole Holofcener's “Enough Said” was routinely referred to as the late James Gandolfini's final film last year, but luckily we do actually have one more big screen appearance from the actor in Michaël Roskam's “The Drop,” which hits theaters in September. A few images from the film dropped today over at USA Today with thoughts from Roskam and others on the director's “Bullhead” follow-up.

Much of the interview details how well Gandolfini and co-star Tom Hardy got on while shooting the film, formerly called “Animal Rescue.” The film tells the story of a former criminal (Hardy) looking to pull his life back together as a bartender at a dive that serves as a money drop for local gangsters. You can imagine from whence the drama will spring: former con trying to make right surrounded by cons. Yeah. “Bullhead” star Matthias Schoenaerts also plays a key role.

The film marks crime novelist Dennish Lehane's (“Mystic River”) first foray into original screenplay material, and with a release date like that, you can expect a Toronto Film Festival bow and an attempt to play the odds on the Oscar circuit.

“There are certain guys out there that are exceptionally rare who can completely feel this type of guy in their bones,” Lehane told USA Today about Gandolfini's chops. “[He could] speak with a sort of music of the urban experience and do it effortlessly.”

Check out a quintet of new images from the film below. “The Drop” arrives in theaters on Sept. 19.

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