‘Frozen Fever’ trailer confirms Elsa is definitely some sort of snow god


Elsa and Anna return to the big screen with their birthday short “Frozen Fever.” Playing ahead of Disney”s live-action remake of “Cinderella,” this new tale from Arendelle sees Elsa and Kristoff try their hardest to give Anna the best party ever.

But when Elsa catches a cold, her magical powers could put the whole celebration at risk.

The interesting thing here seems to be the growth of Elsa”s powers. Her mastery of ice is to be expected as she flicks through sculpture options for Anna”s cake toppers. But then things get…weird?

By midway through the trailer, it becomes clear the Elsa”s winter magic can be used to create clothes that aren”t nominally made of ice. But the real kicker is her Dr. Frankenstein nature. Elsa is still totally cool with playing creating, because who else would make a mountain of sentient snowball people that hoist Kristoff into the air?

At this rate, Elsa will rule the world with an iron icy fist before her 30th birthday. All mortals will bow before her glory.

“Frozen Fever” hits theaters ahead of “Cinderella” on March 13, 2015.

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