‘Game of Thrones’ producers: Fear an unrestrained Cersei

08.19.16 1 year ago


It”s going to be a while until new episodes of Game of Thrones are back on HBO. By then, we”ll have a new president, Ryan Lochte will have completed his apology tour only to do something else slightly ill conceived and the Chicago Cubs will have failed, yet again, to achieve a World Series victory.  

Until next summer comes around and winter is finally here, all we can do is speculate about what will happen next in the Seven Kingdoms. While David Benioff and D.B. Weiss didn”t give away much in a recent interview with Deadline, they offered some interesting tidbits, not about story lines per se, but at least what we can expect to see from some of the show”s major characters. And it looks like Cersei could be a bit of a handful when the show resumes.

“Cersei will do anything to win,” Benioff and Weiss said. “In the past, the only factor limiting her ruthlessness was her love for her children. Now that her children are gone, nothing restrains her. As she herself said, ‘love is weakness.” A loveless Cersei is a fearsome thing.”

On the subject of Daenerys, the two touted her “sense of destiny” and that she”s “a messianic figure.” They added it doesn”t hurt that she also has Tyrion helping her out, a few dragons and a gaggle of loyal followers willing to fight and die for her.

When it comes to Jon Snow, the newly-crowned King of the North is sometimes a little too nice for his own good. This is the conflict he”ll face going forward according to the two as they said, “The question will be whether an honorable man can overcome dishonorable enemies.”

Now we only need to wait about another 10 months to find out.

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