Headcanon accepted: That time a ‘Doctor Who’ weeping angel fell in love



Every Monday, I pull one headcanon floating around the Internet Tumblr, and introduce it (and all associated feels) to the wider world. But what is a headcanon, you ask? It”s any concept, belief, or aspect of a fictional character or world created outside the canonical source material. Think two characters are secretly in love? Headcanon. Have an elaborate backstory for a minor character that has since vanished? Headcanon. You get the idea.

This week”s headcanon is inspired by Amaleia Rose, who is wonderful and awful for inflicting the world with this tragic love story.

Once upon a time, there was a girl who was very much in love with a boy. As is the way of things in stories that begin with “Once upon a time,” the boy was completely oblivious to the affection being lavished on him from afar.  For years, the girl followed her true love…keeping just out of sight. For she was a Weeping Angel.

As was the nature of her species, she could never talk to nor touch her love. He would never even know she existed. The boy grew up, fell in love, married, had children and grandchildren, always with the nagging sensation that he was being watched. Eventually, he passed away after a full, happy life. 

To this day, his family isn't sure who paid for the statue at the cemetery, but they do know she is beautiful.

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