Hugh Jackman’s ‘Wolverine’ has blood on his claws in three new images

03.20.13 5 years ago

20th Century Fox

Where Wolvie goes, blood-soaked claws are sure to follow.

Hugh Jackman’s adamantium-laced mutant features in a trio of new images from 20th Century Fox’s forthcoming follow-up/reboot, two of which (the wintry ones) depict a stretch of the film that sees Wolverine tracking down a man he served time with during his stint in a Japanese prison.

“Effectively Logan saved him”, producer Hutch Parker revealed to Empire, “and this man is on his deathbed and is looking to give him a gift, to thank him for the life he’s had. But this gift draws Logan into a very complex and very unexpected world.”

So there, a little context for you.

You can check out all the new images in the gallery below.

“The Wolverine” is slated for release on July 26.

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