Interpol returns ‘Twice As Hard’ with atmospheric new video-turned-gym ad

09.17.14 3 years ago


Interpol's probably not the first band you cue up on your portable listening device when you hit the gym.

With their stark, atmospheric sound, somber melodies and introspective lyrics, the New York trio don't really provide the type of rhythmic, motivational songs often used to get athletes pumped for a major workout. But while their output isn't ideal for exercising, it works just fine as a soundtrack while watching other people exercise.   

To that end, the band's new video for “Twice as Hard,” from their new album “El Pintor,” focuses on well-toned forms and rock-hard bods who make the gym their second home.

Directed by Interpol frontman Paul Banks, “hard” features slow-motion jump roping, shadowboxing and sparring, as a way to celebrate the human form.

Watch it here and then go get some exercise:

“El Pintor” is available now.

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