Watch: ‘Iron Man 3”s Don Cheadle won’t rule out War Machine appearance in ‘Avengers’ sequel

07.23.12 5 years ago

Will War Machine make an appearance in a future “Avengers” installment? Don Cheadle – the actor who took over the role from Terrence Howard beginning with “Iron Man 2” – isn’t ready to rule it out.

“I wouldn’t have been able to do the [first ‘Avengers’] film…I was shooting the Showtime show at the time, ‘House of Lies,'” said Cheadle, speaking to reporters on the press line for “Iron Man 3” at Comic-Con last week. “But the good thing about the Marvel universe obviously is that they intersect, and anyone can show up in any one at any time, so it’s not a done deal that War Machine won’t show up in an ‘Avengers’ [sequel], or in something that’s just War Machine. We don’t know.”

As for the precarious relationship between Rhodes and Robert Downey Jr.’s Tony Stark/Iron Man, Cheadle promised it would be explored in further depth in the upcoming threequel, which sees director Shane Black taking over from “Iron Man 1 and 2” helmer Jon Favreau.

“There’s always this underlying sort of competitiveness and, you know, suit envy between both of them, which is kind of fun,” he said. “As Shane is fond of saying, you know, there are kind of two Iron Men – one of them who’s private sector Iron Man and the other one who’s this military Iron Man. And what’s their jurisdiction, and where’s the overlap happen, and how does it make each of them feel? So a lot more of that kind of gets looked into in this one.”

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“Iron Man 3” is slated for release on May 3, 2013.

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