John Oliver goes after Donald Trump again, this time taking down his impossible wall

03.21.16 2 years ago

After bravely attempting to ignore Donald Trump for months, Last Week Tonight has gone after the frontrunner for the Republican presidential nomination several times over the last few weeks.

Last night, the show devoted its major segment to Trump once again, this time doing a deep dive into the logistics and true cost of the wall he wants to build on the Mexican border and insists Mexico will happily pay for (it won't).

After calculating that the wall would cost billions more to build than Trump has said (and that's not counting the billions more needed to acquire the land it has to be built on, nor does it include the billions it would take to maintain the wall once it's built), wouldn't even be very effective, and making several jokes about the diminutive size of Trump's hands, Oliver proposed giving every American a $75 waffle iron. That, he said, would cost less than the $77 per American it would take to build Trump's wall and do a lot more for us, like help us all make delicious waffles. 

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