Jon Stewart endorses Stephen Colbert, not himself, for the Letterman job

04.10.14 4 years ago

Jon Stewart endorses Stephen Colbert, not himself, for the Letterman job
“He”s done an amazing job with just that very narrow cast of character, but he”s got a lot more he can show,” says “The Daily Show” host, adding that he doesn”t “have that gear, I don”t think” to host a network late-night show. “I just don”t really have it anymore,” he tells Vulture. “I really like what I do, not that Stephen doesn”t. But he has a real opportunity to broaden out in a way that I don”t.”

“GMA” adds ESPN”s Tony “Stat Boy” Reali as a contributor
The “Around the Horn” host will move his show from Washington, D.C. to New  York – and exit “Pardon the Interruption” – to cover social media news for the ABC News morning show.

CNN announces shows from Mike Rowe, Lisa Ling and John Walsh
The “Dirty Jobs” host will profile unique individuals in “Somebody”s Gotta Do It,” Ling will immerse herself in bizarre American cultures and “America”s Most Wanted”s” Walsh will investigate international crime in “The Hunt with John Walsh.”

“Mad Men”s” Jessica Paré becomes fat for Funny or Die
Watch her eat whatever she wants.

Starz orders “Project Greenlight” with a twist
“The Chair” from “Greenlight” producer/star Chris Moore will have two directors make their own distinct movie based on the same script.

“Grey”s Anatomy”s” Tessa Ferrer joins “Extant”
The departing intern will play an astronaut on the Steven Spielberg series.

Ellen “auditions” for Letterman”s job
“I am very flattered but I really love doing my daytime show,” she said as she recreated “The Late Show.”

Tracy Morgan pitches himself as Letterman”s replacement
“We”ll shake the game up. I think Jimmy Fallon needs some competition,” he tells Matt Lauer.

New York Post puts more of Julia Louis-Dreyfus” rear end on its front page
See the “Veep” star”s extended butt crack along with the hand of the tattoo artist.

Goats recreate the “Game of Thrones” theme song
It”s “Game of Goats.”

HLN announces a daily news program “The Daily Share,” plus “America”s Most Liked”
HLN”s social media-centric slate will also include “2 Spouses, 3 Houses,” “Wkly M@shup With Chuey Martinez, “News or Not” and “Beyond the Like.”

Conan plays video games on the Dallas Cowboys” giant video screen
Watch Conan O”Brien fulfill every gamer”s fantasy.

Watch Amy Poehler and her brother on “Welcome to Sweden”
Here”s a preview of Greg Poehler”s comedy based on his life.

Jimmy Fallon poses as Tom Petty to sing “Stop Draggin” My Heart Around” with Stevie Nicks
Watch them recreate the 1981 video.

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