Justin Timberlake searches for couple in ‘Not A Bad Thing’ video

03.20.14 4 years ago

Remember a few months ago when Ringo Starr went searching for the teenagers he captured in a picture 50 years ago? (And he found them…)

Now, Justin Timberlake is looking for a couple that got engaged on the Long Island Railroad to Timberlake”s “Not A Bad Thing.”  The video for the clip is a mini-documentary of producers searching for the couple via radio stations and even walking around with big signs with an artist”s sketch of the couple, recreated from an eye witness's account.

Interspersed with the search, which takes on the detail of a APB search complete with a war room, are interviews with couples, same sex and opposite sex, recalling their engagement stories as the song plays in the background. One day, the fact that same sex couples are included will not even be noteworthy, but it”s worth mentioning for now, plus a shout out that artists are in many ways leading the equality charge by incorporating same sex couples in videos without fanfare. Timberlake doesn't appear in the video.

Ellen Degeneres debuted the clip on her show yesterday with a plea to continue to help find this couple. Wanna bet we know who they are by the end of the day?

“Not A Bad Thing” is on Timberlake”s “The 20/20 Experience 2 of 2” set.


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