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10.23.14 3 years ago



Happy Thursday, Boys & Girls!

Due to last week's onslaught of Vancouver set visits, I didn't have any time to catch up on a slew of established shows, which caused me to need to take the early part of this week for mini-binging. That's why we've got a slightly late Thursday installment of The Firewall & Iceberg Podcast.

The two shows with the mini-binging were “The Knick” and “Manhattan,” which both had their finales last weekend, so we cover those in some depth. We also reviewed NBC's “Constantine,” which premieres on Friday.

And then we covered some of the big recent topics in TV news, including the early lack of cancellations and HBO and CBS' early pushes into a la carte streaming services.

Busy busy!

Next week's another busy one, so it's unclear if we're gonna podcast or not. It'll probably be Monday, or not at all! We'll see.

And now, here's today's breakdown:
“Constantine” (00:01:10 – 00:12:40)
Listener Mail – No Cancelations (00:13:00 – 00:31:35)
Listener Mail – “The Bridge” cancellation (00:31:40 – 00:37:25)
Listener Mail – HBO/CBS a la carte streaming (00:37:30 – 00:49:40)
“The Knick” finale (00:49:50 – 01:07:50)
“Manhattan” (01:07:50 – 01:20:00)

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