Here’s Mulder and Scully’s baby all grown up

01.12.16 2 years ago

Hey, remember when Mulder and Scully had a baby together who may or may not have been immaculately conceived? And then Scully put him up for adoption because he had alien DNA? Well, that baby is all grown up now, and thanks to the Daily Mail we now know what he looks like today. Here's the before and after:

Photo Credit: FOX

Photo Credit: Alyea Riker

That's right: William split into two separate but nearly-identical entities post-birth, which sounds like something only an alien would do. Or, he was played by twin brothers Travis and Jimes Riker, who are now just your average, run-of-the-mill teen models living in Manhattan Beach, California. Here are five things we learned from their Daily Mail profile.

1. They are teen models.

I know I already mentioned this, but it bears repeating. In addition to spreads for Elle UK and Teen Vogue, they appeared in a music video for Fall Out Boy thanks to what their father describes as a “cool California” look. (Note: my father once described my look as “All-American” and I managed to parlay that into exactly zero modeling jobs.)

Photo Credit: Alyea Riker

2. Their infant selves will appear in flashbacks on episodes two and four of the new series.

3. They have never watched the show.

“We've seen some fan footage of us from all the episodes that's pretty cool,” said Travis, “but never seen the whole show.” Added James: “We had no idea we worked on The X-Files until later. It was only when we were about seven that my mom Alyea would mention it to us every now and then.”

Photo Credit: FOX

4. They still act.

The twins just appeared together in a film entitled Clandestino, in which James plays a “good twin” and Travis plays a “bad twin.” Brilliant!

5. They want to become “famous, but not too famous.”

That'll change, boys.

“The X-Files” premieres January 24 on FOX.

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