Recap: ‘Project Runway’ – ‘This is for the Birds’

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 Six designers remain, and unfortunately one of them is Josh M. Seriously, I don’t understand how Bedazzler Man keeps skating through, especially after last week’s horrible pants, and yet he’s still here, holding on, looking for new ways to spread tacky throughout the land. 

On a side note: “Project Runway All Stars” = very excited, “Project Runway Accessory” = um, not so much. And what’s this? The very first “After the Runway” show airs after “PR” tonight? Okay, gotta watch that. 
Anyway, back to plain vanilla “Project Runway.” Viktor hinks Josh M. is the only one who can beat him. Viktor shouldn’t worry so much.
Heidi presents the latest challenge. She drops lots of hints — the designers will need to spread their wings, elevate their games, etc. Bert suspects skydiving. But no. When the contestants go to the workroom, they’re confronted by birds. Actual, live birds. Kimberly hates wild animals. Well, the good news they don’t have to keep the birds, just make designs inspired by them. For that, the winner gets $20,000 and an advertorial in Marie Claire. 
Oh, and goodie, another team challenge! The designers groan. I don’t blame them. There are only six people left, do we really need these guys to team up?
The pairs are: 
Anya and Laura will be inspired by the raven
Josh M. and Bert are given the amazon parrot
Viktor and Kimberly get the cockatoo. 
No one gets the owl. Poor owl. Back to the Hundred Acre Wood with him!
But wait! There’s a twist. These aren’t teams — it’s actually a head to head challenge. So Anya will be playing against Laura, etc. This could be interesting. Or horrible. I expect a very tense workroom. 
It’s business as usual as the designers sketch, run off to Mood and start pinning and cutting. And yes, the workroom is as tense as you might expect. No actual fighting, but just lots of tension. 
On a happy note: Viktor uses the word glamazing. Viktor has really been a font for colorful turns of phrase, and for that I can forgive him for being kind of a jerk sometimes. 
Despite the tension, everyone seems to be happily humming along on their designs — that is, until Tim comes in and tells the designers they have to create a SECOND look. Given that Josh M.’s dress looks like someone vomited up a Grateful Dead t-shirt, that’s a shame, as I could write his ticket home on the back of that chiffon disaster.
Still, the designers sketch, trudge off to Mood and start again. But as the workday progresses, Kim starts freaking out. Her fabric has stains all over it (did she eat fries at her worktable or what?) She sews through her finger. She runs to the bathroom and cries. She lost her mom when she was 17, then her stepdad and brother. Why is this bubbling up now? They’ve been gone for a while, and she’s been on the show for weeks, let’s focus. Anyway, Kim is in trouble.
Josh M. decides to scrap his first dress. Honestly, good idea. 
Josh M. asks Anya to borrow fabric. Surprisingly, Anya doesn’t want to lend him fabric. I have to say, I understand her thinking, but I’m disappointed in her. Everyone helped Anya, and then she won her challenge. And that was LAST WEEK. And yet she says, without blinking, she can’t believe anyone would ask to borrow fabric at this stage in the game. What? I would have even been okay with her saying she didn’t want her fabric to go to use in an ugly ass outfit which Josh M. would undoubtedly make, but this is pretty uncool of her.
Tim time! He tells Laura she needs to ditch her second look. He loves Anya’s stuff except for one armhole being too large. Tim thinks Josh M.’s circle skirt looks static and crafty. Oops. But he loves his orange dress. Tim feels Bert’s second look isn’t high fashion. He’s worried that Viktor’s second look is too bridal. He thinks Kim’s second look is costume-y. Tim tries to give Kim a pep talk, but she rejects him totally. Then, he gives her a hug. I hope that works!
Kim tosses her dress onto her worktable. Where a glue gun burns a hole into it. Kim  has three hours to make a new dress. 
Amazingly, Kim rallies. That hug from Tim, it worked! She makes a one shouldered dress that looks familiar for some reason. Oh yeah, Viktor’s dress is off white and one shouldered as well. Viktor thinks Kim copied him. Honestly, I think she’s too panicked to even realize that might be a possibility. 
Tim has a special announcement. Only one of their two looks will walk the runway. Darn. Because Josh M. was going home on his God awful green-and-blue mess he kept tinkering with. 
BUT Josh M. isn’t committed to his orange dress. He’s actually debating this. No, he’s going with the orange dress. Why is he still HERE? 
Josh M. is still mad at Anya. He notices she has to sew her model into her dress, and he thinks something needs to be said about that. Of course he does. Although I have to say, I can’t blame him for being angry with her. God, I hate that I’m actually taking Josh M.’s side on anything, really. 
Runway time! Our judges are Michael Kors, Nina Garcia and Francisco Costa of Calvin Klein.
I think this is too literal. I actually hate the wad of yellow feathers on the side. It looks glued on.
I actually like this a lot. The side slit is solid and the use of nude fabric as a color pop is actually very subtle and interesting. That being said, it’s hard to tell how well it’s sewn on TV.
Bert’s right — the skirt is too short. I ilke the fact that the parrot colors are hidden, but I don’t like them with grey. I’m disappointed, honestly. 
Josh M.
This is a great little dress. I don’t think he’ll go home for this. Dammit.
This really is something different for Anya, and I love it. It looks modern, edgy and very cool. I couldn’t give less of a crap the model is sewn into it. 
I like the jacket, but the feathers are too literal, and paired with the pants it doesn’t look high fashion. Those pants could be leggings. Ick.
Anya and Laura are first up. Heidi loves Anya’s dress. Michael thinks she found the inspiration, but it’s not literal. Nina thinks it’s her favorite outfit that Anya has produced. Francisco thinks the cut is fantastic and he thinks it’s really great. Nina is also impressed that Laura moved out of her comfort zone. However, she thinks the feathers and the tight satin leggings are too literal. Heidi thinks it’s too birdie. Michael is glad she went with separates but think it’s too costume-y. Francisco isn’t keen on the styling. Anya wins. 
Bert says it’s not his best look. Michael thinks it’s Wonder Woman-y. Francisco thinks there was a lack of confidence. Nina is disappointed and thinks it looks generic. Heidi likes the pop of color. Josh M. wanted to show off his draping ability. Michael thinks the cut of the dress is fantastic but he hates the corsage. Nina is glad he embraced minimalism. Francisco is glad he wasn’t too literal. Josh M. is the winner.
Kimberly and Viktor talk about their dresses. Kimberly reveals that she made her dress in three hours. Michael thinks the cut is fabulous, though he could do without the pearls. Francisco thinks it looks great. Nina liked it but thought there was something pageant-y about it and preferred Viktor’s make-up. As for Viktor, Francisco thinks it’s light and romantic. Michael thinks the work and colors are gorgeous and he loved the movement, but it’s too literal. Heidi thinks both dresses are beautiful. Nina thinks Viktor went overboard with the feathers. Kimberly wins. Whoo-hoo!
I think Bert is going home. 
Kimberly is SO thrilled to have beaten Viktor. I’m amazed. That hug from Tim was MAGIC!
The judges loved Anya’s outfit. Michael thinks she wasn’t obvious. He loves what Josh M. did. Oh lord, is Josh M. going to win? Michael loved that Kimberly tried to push herself. 
Heidi points out that the losers all went too literal. They didn’t loathe Viktor’s dress. Michael was really disappointed with Bert. Heidi liked the hidden color. On the other hand, they can’t believe Laura was so literal. 
Anya is the clear winner of this challenge. Wow! Two weeks in a row. They can probably just cancel the plan to go to Bryant Park and give her the title now. Josh M. and Viktor are safe.
Anya asks if Josh M. is pissed at her. Josh M. seems to think she has some sort of secret, winning strategy.
Kimberly is safe. It’s down to Laura and Bert. Laura is… in. Aw, man. I’m really kind of sad to see Bert go. I was hoping to see him go to Bryant Park. Bert tells the judges they made the right choice. 
Bert feels grateful and excited about returning to L.A. He doesn’t seem too sad to be going home, but I am. Although he went through a pouty, pissy stage that made me not really care if he got the boot, I rooted for him in the beginning and he’d gradually won me over with understated designs and some elegant looks. And yet, he was beaten by a parrot. And I don’t mean the live one, I mean Josh M. Sigh.
Do you think Anya was wrong not to share? Do you think it was Bert’s time to go home? Who do you think is next to go?

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