Recap: ‘Sons of Anarchy’ – ‘The Separation of Crows’

10.28.14 3 years ago


Haven”t gotten around to Tuesday night”s latest edition of “Sons of Anarchy” just yet? Well then flex those clutch hands, light up another smoke and get your reflecting faces on so that we can chat all about it here.

“How could I not see this coming?”

Jax”s question was the theme throughout “The Separation of Crows.” We kicked off and ended the episode with the SAMCRO leader pondering and reflecting on all his latest moves-the death toll, betrayals and now Bobby, who is indeed alive despite what I wrote last week. I hadn”t imagined “Sons” would venture into torture territory, but hey, monkeys can be wrong in their theories too and I should have known better. Of course they”re not going to miss an opportunity to lop off pieces of the former vice prez, whom we learned was targeted for being the “smart” one. I do wonder how smart it is to smoke so much in front of an open wound though?

The search for Bobby and Marks”s new “Kill Squad” was placed largely in the Niners hands as Tyler continued to play double agent despite his better judgment. That left Jax and co. time to track down their rat. Thanks to fresh Intel that led them to a compound, gun fight No. 876 (or something like that) kicked off when the guys were ambushed. Naturally all of the bullets missed the club members and they managed to get the upper hand again when a dumb kid rode by on his dirt bike. Thanks to that stroke of “luck,” they were able to officially learn what we all suspected all along: Gibbs O”Leary was Jury”s son. Was anyone actually surprised?

The big reveal led to what should have been one of the most heated face-offs of the final season, with President versus President playing their cards. But when Jury had the chance to shed light about Gemma”s involvement in J.T.”s death he instead tried to convince Jax that his former friend probably committed suicide, and would have hated to see what his son has become.

“You became the poison,” Jury spat, telling Jax what we all so desperately have wanted to from our couches since the Season 7 debut. Sadly, Jury won”t be spouting anymore of his truths, since Jax shot him in a moment of self-defense that really didn”t look like self-defense from afar. So now in addition to the Chinese and August Marks coming after the club, they”re going to have to worry about charter wars too. Not to mention the fact that there”s still a potential rat out there, thanks to Jury”s adamant denial. Was he telling the truth? Could Tyler actually be playing a triple agent? Is someone in SAMCRO secretly gunning for presidency? So many theories to explore, and only a handful of episodes left.

And still, we seem no closer to the truth about Tara”s actual death.

At this point, who knows if we can rely on Juice to come clean about what really happened. His deal-making skills with the cops seem to extend as far as what it will take to get him back into the club, and that”s it. It makes little sense that the guy has broken down about every other major thing that he”s ever been involved in, but not the one thing that involves Gemma. Unless of course he sees her as a club member at this point, and thinks protecting her is an act of goodwill towards the club? Who knows. Unser, another Team Gemma player, is starting to suspect what really happened, and it seems likely that he”ll put it together before anyone else. That also makes his imminent death likely too. As he told Jarry, he”s got nothing else to do but wait for death, right?

At least one of the Tellers is savvy to Gemma”s real ways, even if the scenes are barely tolerable. It was only a matter of time before Abel began to act up in school now that he”s heard Grams” confession to Thomas. I just don”t get why Ms. Harrison is the only one who will actually stand up to Gemma and her award-winning parenting skills. “Next time I”ll make sure you”re the one he slams with a lunchbox.” Really? You couldn”t have thrown the standard “neener-neener” schoolyard taunt in there too, Gemma?

With Abel being so unhinged, he was the first person I thought of when Gemma found her birds all Godfather-style, slashed up in her bed. The old knife-through-the-frog routine, though, not so much. No kid”s wall-writing is that neat, and I”m going to go with an angry charter member or perhaps one of the Kill Squad. Of course theories are always welcome in the comments section below.

Anarchy agitators:

*** How is Wendy not a legal guardian at this point? Were we supposed to be reminded of this fact when she wasn”t able to pick up Abel?

*** Are Bobby”s days numbered, or will Jax actually break down and give into the non-negotiable terms? Hey, Chucky manages just fine without his fingers, right? Then again, Jax has a soft spot for moms.

*** At this point in the series, I”m proposing a drinking game: shot every time we get a close-up of Jax staring off into the distance, thinking about his life. Not that I”m complaining about Charlie Hunnam screen time, mind you.

*** Anyone have any theories behind Juice”s cockroach? He must have been picturing someone as he smushed that poor little guy with his fingers.

So what do you think? Are Bobby”s days numbered? Will Juice tell the actual truth behind Tara”s death? Who ratted about the guns and who is now targeting Jax”s house? Sound off below.

“Sons of Anarchy” airs Tuesdays at 10 p.m. ET on FX.

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