Report: Oprah paying Lindsay Lohan $2 million to talk

07.16.13 5 years ago

Report: Oprah paying Lindsay Lohan $2 million to talk

OWN has been negotiating with Lindsay for four months, according to TMZ.

MTV will reveal VMA nominees via Instagram and Vine videos
MTV has hired a popular stop-motion animation creator to make the videos that will be tweeted out throughout Wednesday.

John Stamos’ “Full House” band will reunite on Jimmy Fallon
Jesse and the Rippers will perform on Friday’s show.

Fox orders an Andy Richter game show pilot
Contestants will earn “life-changing” amounts of money by climbing a pyramid.

Kristen Wiig goes on Jimmy Fallon as Michael Jordan
Watch Fallon and “Jordan” sing a duet together.

Bryan Cranston: “I had one girlfriend I wanted to kill”
The “Breaking Bad” star tells GQ that he, like his character, has had violent urges.

Watch a clip of Kanye West’s failed HBO pilot

It was supposed to be like “Curb Your Enthusiasm.”

“Supernatural” bringing back a dead character
“Didn’t see this coming.”

Toyota unveils a “SpongeBob” SUV

Check out the 2014 Highlander with a Bikini Bottom makeover.

Syfy previews “Ghost Shark”

Could this be the next “Sharknado”?

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