Seth Meyers bids an emotional farewell to ‘SNL,’ with help from Amy Poehler and Stefon

02.02.14 4 years ago

Seth Meyers bids an emotional farewell to “SNL,” with help from Amy Poehler and Stefon

Meyers, who’s been on “Saturday Night Live” so long he joined shortly after the 9/11 attacks, was a huge part of the show, on and off screen. As “SNL” oral history author James Andrew Miller tweeted, “What you saw of @sethmeyers on #SNL was small part of his contributions. As writer/mentor @nbcsnl he leaves big shoes to fill.”

Howard Stern’s 60th Birthday Bash brings together Letterman, Kimmel, Fallon
The future of 11:35 — plus Seth Meyers — were under one roof Friday night to salute the King of All Media. Kimmel emceed the event, which a slew of celebs attended, from Bryan Cranston to Sarah Silverman to Louis CK to Gov. Christie, Rachael Ray, Katie Couric, Dr. Drew, Tracy Morgan, Barbara Walters and George Takei. PLUS: Watch Jimmy Kimmel’s intro for Stern,  Fallon did shots on stage with Stern, and here’s a rundown of the 4-hour Birthday Bash.

Listen to Letterman’s interview with Howard Stern: Dave called Jay Leno when his 2nd exit was announced
David Letterman also talked to Stern about his “Late Show” future, saying: “If it were up to me, I would not quit. On the other hand, it’s not always up to me and you can’t go on forever. It really is stupid that I’m still doing the show.”

Lena Dunham gets revenge on Howard Stern, saying he looks like a “cartoon of a Jewish female horse”
The “Girls” star was a surprise roaster at Stern’s Birthday Bash, and she quickly got revenge on the shock jock for saying last year that she “looked like Jonah Hill and was raping his eyes” — a comment for which he later apologized for during an interview with Dunham.

Kurt Sutter: I’ve “inquired” about expanding “Sons of Anarchy’s” final season
On his podcast, Sutter said an expansion might not happen because it wouldn’t benefit FX, cost-wise.

“SNL” celebrates Black History Month with “28 Reasons to Hug a Black Guy”
Jay Pharoah, Kenan Thompson and Sasheer Zamata starred in this “black history review revue.” PLUS: NY Times investigates “SNL” after-parties, and learns that they haven’t been the same since Horatio Sanz left.

The Puppy Bowl was filmed in October
Here are 12 things that you might not know about today’s Big Game, including why you don’t see more poop.

See pics of Stephen Colbert in college
Colbert’s Northwestern University acting teacher shares photos of Colbert when he had much-longer hair. PLUS: Steve Carell had a mustache in his college yearbook photo.

Jay Leno scores big ratings on his final Friday night

Leno, who leaves “The Tonight Show” on Thursday, had a season-high viewership on Friday.

“Veronica Mars” spinoff details unveiled
Ryan Hansen will be playing a version of himself in the Dick Casablancas spinoff.

Alex Karpovsky reacts to his “Girls” hookup

“It was interesting and exciting and it was a very sort of perverse form of two people needing, depending and also sort of expressing their hatred towards one another in a very physical sense,” he says.

“Blue Bloods” attracts 12.8 million, its biggest audience since its premiere

The Tom Selleck drama had an impressive viewership on Friday, especially for a 4th-season show.

“Magnum P.I.” house is for sale for nearly $16M
The 8,921 sq. ft mansion lies on the shores of Oahu.

“Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer” animator dies at 89
Arthur Rankin Jr.’s company Rankin/Bass was a pioneer in the ’60s of making stop-motion animation films.

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