‘SNL’s’ ‘Grow A Guy’: James Franco learns to be human in the night’s weirdest sketch

12.07.14 3 years ago


Our own Ryan McGee wasn't a particular fan of last night's “Grow a Guy” sketch on “SNL,” but it seems to have been one of the more popular bits amongst viewers on social media. The Mike O'Brien-directed video short was certainly one of the oddest things on last night's show – and certainly not as immediate as, say, “Jingle Ballerz” or the “Star Wars” parody – but it was nevertheless a chuckle-worthy curiosity that lingered in the mind longer than any of the episode's more traditional spoofs. Though there are broader moments – we've all encountered an obnoxious, aggro partygoer like the one played by Beck Bennett –  the loopy, “Weird Science”-esque sci-fi bit is a grower, not a shower. Watch below as James Franco's mail-order friend gets a lesson in how to be human.

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