SpideyPool lives! Deadpool and Spider-Man team up this fall in a brand new series


Jereme Dickens/HitFix

On the final day of Comic-Con, Marvel hosted a panel to explore in-depth how things will shake out for the Amazing Spider-Man and his friends in a post SECRETS WARS world. While most of the comics on deck had already been announced, there was one surprise.

Spider-Man and Deadpool are getting the band back together in a brand-new ongoing series by Joe Kelly and Ed McGuinness!

Art Credit: Marvel Entertainment

According to Joe Kelly, Spider-Man is not exactly over-the-moon about this arrangement but failed to elaborate on what that meant. What Kelly lacked in concrete information he made up for with interior images from the first issue of the comic.

Photo Credit: Jereme Dickens/Hitfix Art Credit: Marvel Entertainment

This comic is especially great news for a subset of the Marvel fandom known as SpideyPool shippers. The people of SpideyPool believe that in a perfect world, Peter Parker and Wade Wilson are totally dating.

Now Deadpool himself has flirted with the 4th wall in regards to his relationship with Spider-Man in the past. Particularly famous is THIS PANEL. So during the Q&A portion of the hour, I asked Joe Kelly if fans could expect to see more winks to the SpideyPool fandom and good news everyone! There will be.

This is probably one of them. You know, if I had to guess.

Photo Credit: Jereme Dickens/Hitfix Art Credit: Marvel Entertainment


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