Teresa Giudice: I didn’t understand I would go to prison under a plea deal

10.06.14 3 years ago


Teresa Giudice: I didn”t understand I would go to prison under a plea deal
“I didn't fully understand it,” she said in her “Watch What Happens Live” interview, adding that her lawyer didn”t tell her what a plea deal would entail. She also described to Andy Cohen her sentencing: “My nerves were pulling. At one point, I couldn't even move my fingers. They were like stuck. I couldn't open my hands… see they're a little shaky. My nerves were shot. I've had sleepless nights.” PLUS: Bravo reportedly offering Bethenny Frankel $1M to return to “Real Housewives.”

TNT orders “1906,” an event series based on the Great San Francisco Earthquake
The four-hour event series is described as “an account of San Francisco before during and after the 1906 Earthquake and fires and the incredible graft and corruption that it exposed. Mother nature caused the earthquake, but human nature caused the disaster.”

“Twin Peaks” on Showtime: More David Lynch will be a TV treat
“Sure,” says Jeff Jensen, “I would prefer a wholly original series or film-but I will take him in any form, be it home movie experiment or franchise revival. This is a filmmaker utterly inspired in his choices (staging, framing, lighting, sound, editing) and committed to finding the most unique and resonant form a scene or narrative can take, a filmmaker whose work is so wonderfully, weirdly, idiosyncratically, defiantly, infuriatingly personal. And watching him do all that while working within the confines of the episodic TV-within the confines of an established storytelling world-is quite appealing to me. Not to mention that Lynch”s work is often helped, rather than hindered, by colliding and clashing with format, genre, and a medium”s conventions.” PLUS: 14 burning questions that must be addressed, 5 other times “Twin Peaks” was brought back, can Lynch stay weird?, and how “Twin Peaks” helped carve out today”s prestige-TV landscape.

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“The Cosby Show”s” Lisa Bonet is coming to “New Girl”
She”ll guest as an education guru.

“Breaking Bad”s” composer will score “Better Call Saul”
“Dave Porter is an irreplaceable member of the Breaking Bad family, and we”re thrilled to have him aboard Better Call Saul,” says Gilligan of the composer, who was responsible for “Better Call Saul: The Song.” “He gets right to the heart of every scene, writing score that resonates perfectly with the story. I can”t imagine doing our new show without him.” PLUS: Gilligan presented a Gustavo Fring painting to DirecTV's “The Rich Eisen Show.”

Could Fox be interested in a live-action “X-Men” TV series?
So far, it”s just a rumor.

Professional “SNL” line sitter charges $25 for the first hour, $10 for each additional half-hour
Robert Samuel waits in line for many things, but “Saturday Night Live” has proven to be the most challenging. “I really don”t want to do that,” he says. “People are on line for days at  a time. We go from 11 at night till 6 in the morning, and you don”t get  in. With a big show like Justin Bieber, I would probably just tell you no. Tina Fey? Not happening.”

A giant portrait of “24”s” Jack Bauer made of 1,485 London postcards unveiled in UK
Twentieth Century Fox commissioned artist Quentin Devine to make the portrait, which he did in 24 hours to promote the DVD release of “24: Live Another Day.”

Stephen Colbert went fishing on Capitol Hill
Colbert and Republican U.S. Rep. Jack Kingston rolled up their pants so they could go fishing at the Capitol Reflecting Pool.

Sarah Hyland”s restraining order against her ex-boyfriend has been granted for 3 years
Actor Matt Prokop didn”t contest the order to stay away from the “Modern Family” star.

Amy Poehler”s book tour will include Seth Meyers interviewing her on stage
She”ll also be interviewed by Norman Lear and her former high school teacher as part of her four-city tour to promote her memoir “Yes Please.”

Alfonso Ribeiro: A “Fresh Prince” reunion “will not happen”
“Since the passing of my favorite dad in the world, ever on TV, James Avery passed, the chances of a 'Fresh Prince' coming back together will not happen,” says the “Dancing” star. “I don't think we feel as a cast that we would do even our fans justice.”

“The Originals” boss explains the shocking Season 2 premiere
Exec producer Michael Narducci also says: “There is going to be even more flashbacks this season.” PLUS: “The Originals” has topped “The Vampire Diaries.”

Watch Clay Aiken”s Congressional debate
The former “American Idol” runner-up”s challenger for North Carolina”s 2nd Congressional District seat said: “You just can”t go in with a song and dance. That”s not the way it works.”

Oprah traveled to London to watch Lindsay Lohan perform
They”re still close, despite the end of Lindsay”s OWN reality show.

Aziz Ansari read Howard Stern the unanswered texts he sent Blake Lively
The “Parks and Rec” star thought he had a connection going with the former “Gossip Girl” star when she gave him her number in 2011.

“Homeland” boss confirms Damian Lewis visited the Cape Town set
“But I can also confirm Nicholas Brody is dead,” adds Alex Gansa.

Meet the 2 actors who play “Sleepy Hollow”s” Headless Horseman
Jeremy Owens, 36, plays the Headless version, and Neil Jackson, 38, plays the character pre-decapitation. “We work together so that he is able to perfectly mirror my actions – and vice versa – and we merge as one character,” says Jackson.

Andre Braugher is the “undercover comedian” of “Brooklyn Nine-Nine”
Known mostly for his dramatic work, Braugher now regularly outshines the comedians on the Fox comedy set.

Vitamix was honored by its “SNL” blender spoof
The Sarah Silverman-Vanessa Bayer sketch satirizing the Vitamix blender infomercial was “an honor for Vitamix,” says a company spokesman. “That it came during the show's 40th anniversary season is even better.”

Syfy is set to develop comic book “Five Ghosts” as a drama series
The comic book by writer Frank J. Barbiereand artist Chris Mooneyham chronicles a treasure hunter who is able to channel the ghosts of five literary characters.

Everybody seems to be missing “Mulaney”s” weird, dark edge
As David Sims notes, “'Mulaney' isn”t leaning into the broad, farcical tone of a Chuck Lorre sitcom, the kind that still plays well at CBS. He”s using the clean soundstage presentation to tell stories about mean, arch weirdoes. Forget the stand-up segments or the eponymous title-the show”s biggest similarity to ‘Seinfeld' is the one no one seems to be noticing yet.” PLUS: Is “Mulaney” misusing Nasim Pedrad?

“Homeland” and “The Good Wife” improved by ditching the romance
The respective exits of Damian Lewis and Josh Charles led both meant a whole new, more interesting life for the leading ladies of both shows. PLUS: “The Good Wife” is “a model of how strict boundaries … can inspire greater brilliance than absolute freedom can.”

All 31 minutes of the “Bob”s Burgers” porn parody, reviewed
“The premise of this 31-minute film,” says Isha Aran “…is actually not an entirely implausible Bob's Burgers storyline.”

Chelsea Handler exposes her left breast to promote her Netflix special
Handler is having Dave Grohl of the Foo Fighters interview her on SiriusXM about “Uganda Be Kidding Me Live.”

What it”s like to have finished watching every “Murder, She Wrote” episode in 2014
Slade Sohmer says of completing his marathon: “Everyone makes this big fuss over Betty White, and deservedly so. But Lansbury needs this same treatment. While she is still with us, the world needs to come together and recognize greatness.”

ABC buys Eric Stonestreet”s truck stop sitcom
“Big Stop” is set at a bustling truck stop in Kansas, where the “Modern Family” star is from. PLUS: CBS buys Will Arnett”s parenting comedy based on the book “How Not to Calm a Child on a Plane,” and NBC buys Eddie Izzard”s “Junior Bender.”

Even “Episodes” needs stunt doubles
Check out Stephen Mangan and Tamsin Greig with their stunt double twins.

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