‘The Jinx’ subject Robert Durst arrested in New Orleans

Senior Television Writer


Well, tonight's finale of “The Jinx” just became an even hotter, stranger ticket with the news that the LAPD today arrested the documentary's subject, wealthy New Yorker Robert Durst, for one of the three murders he's long been accused of committing.

The penultimate episode of the HBO docu-series ended with filmmaker Andrew Jarecki coming into possession of evidence that seemed to concretely link Durst to the 2000 murder of his friend Susan Berman in LA. At least during the events of that fifth episode, Jarecki chose to hold onto the evidence rather than immediately share it with law enforcement, in order to have one more interview with Durst.

Presumably, we'll find out tonight at what point Jarecki began cooperating with law enforcement and whether it's a coincidence that the arrest only happened the day of the finale, or was part of a deal the filmmakers made with the cops. No matter what, there are many ethical questions to be answered, on top of finding out what Durst told Jarecki in their final conversation.

“The Jinx” finale airs tonight at 8 on HBO.

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