The Planet Express gang returns in sneak peek of new season of ‘Futurama’: Watch

02.05.13 5 years ago

Good news, everyone.

“Futurama” returns this summer with new episodes, and Comedy Central has released a brand new sneak peek that reveals that the planet Express gang is up to their old tricks. 

In the fast-moving clip, Fry shows off his candy teeth, Leela sprouts some tentacles, office apes run amok, “E.T.” gets referenced, Fry is reunited with an old friend, and even experiences his own apparent death. 

There’s also an extended riff on John Carpenter’s “The Thing,” highlighting the lonely Dr. Zoidberg and some topical gun commentary. 

All in all, it’s just another day at the office.

Watch it here:

As you can see, science is “like magic, but with electricity.” 

New episodes of “Futurama” will premiere this summer on a date to be determined. 

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