Two exclusive tracks from Mondo’s Death Waltz vinyl release of ‘The Guest’

04.24.15 3 years ago

The collector market for film fans has evolved quite a bit from when I was a young fan. Sure, there were opportunities for me to spend my money, but these days, there are so many better opportunities and better items. There's the entire poster phenomenon, best embodied by the success of Mondo, which has spurred what feels like an entire industry. I recently got talked into joining some commission groups, so now I've got some ultra-limited art coming my way that I look at as even more special because I had a hand in designing it.

It was inevitable that soundtracks would also end up being major collector pieces, and one of the great frustrations for me when I was a younger film fan was realizing just how random the process is by which scores get released. There are some great companies now doing important archival work, like La-La-Land Records, and recently two titans in the collecting world merged, resulting in Mondo's Death Waltz Recording Company, which is poised to own your wallet for the near future.

They do limited run vinyl releases that are absolutely aimed at the collector, and it seems perfect that their next title is “The Guest,” Adam Wingard's wackadoo action-weirdo throwback starring Dan Stevens.

Here's the press release they sent along to announce this amazing new title:

Death Waltz Recording Company, which joined forces with Mondo in 2014, has yet another ace up its sleeve with the soundtrack to one of 2014's best action films, Adam Wingard's The Guest, featuring a musical score by Steve Moore. Critically acclaimed, the “guest” in question is David, a young man who lands on the doorstep of the Peterson family claiming to be a comrade of their son, who was killed while on tour in Afghanistan. But while David appears to a model citizen, the family daughter discovers several clues that make her wonder “Just who is this man?”

Just like the film is a throwback to 80s thrillers like The Terminator, Steve Moore's score belongs in another time, another place. Homaging rather than emulating, the music feels not only absolutely authentic but also fits the film like a glove. Great synth melodies are plentiful, the electronics swell with mystery and intrigue, and the sense of the robotic electro music has is perfect for the character of David. It's an intense journey but not one without reward – don't be afraid to let The Guest into your home and onto your turntable.

Death Waltz is excited to offer this gorgeous vinyl package with artwork by Alan Hynes, offering the first collectible for fans of The Guest – a film that has already solidified a spot as a cult classic that lovingly subverts the action genre with the precision and confidence of its titular character.

The vinyl will be on sale at Mondo”s official site on April 28.

“The score, by Steve Moore (of the band Zombi), also drives the movie along with style. It”s pure, catchy synthesizer heaven. A throwback to the 70s and 80s but with the feeling of Drive and Grand Theft Auto from the equipment used by John Carpenter. It tells the audience while what we are seeing might seem dramatic, it”s supposed to be fun.”

– Slashfilm

“Moore”s music is probably going to be one of my favorite scores of the year. It”s so 80s, but in the best way possible.”
– Collider

The Guest
Composed and Produced by Steve Moore
Artwork and Design by Alan Hynes
Red Vinyl with printed inner sleeve and a 'do not cross” obi strip.


01. Title (0:17)
02. David (2:00)
03. Some Gave All (0:58)
04. The Guest (1:43)
05. After School (2:34)
06. Bar Fight (1:30)
07. Day Break (0:16)
08. KPG / The Deal, Part 1 (3:14)
09. The Deal, Part 2 / Grenades (0:48)
10. The Guest Stalks (0:21)
11. Good Luck / Anna & Luke (2:13)
12. An Interesting Theory (2:06)
13. Carver Arrives (0:46)
14. Standoff / Too Many Complications / The Guest Escapes (4:40)
15. He's Not Who You Think He Is / The Diner (2:32)
16. Back To School (1:01)
17. Atmospheres 1 (Bonus) (4:56)
18. Atmospheres 2 (Bonus) (2:40)
19. Unused Chase Theme (Bonus) (4:16)

About Mondo
Mondo is an art gallery and online story devoted to a passionate love of film, art, music and toys, featuring the talents of world class artists and designers. The company has received global recognition for bringing art back to movie poster design and has emerged as one of the leading curators of classic and contemporary film soundtracks with stunning collectible packaging. Mondo also joined forces with Death Waltz Recording Company to further expand the record label”s reach and output. Mondo produces limited edition screen printed posters, art gallery events, vinyl, apparel and toy collectibles based on film, television and comic properties, working with the leading entertainment brands including DC Comics, HBO, Marvel, Paramount Pictures, Universal Studios, Walt Disney Studios and Warner Brothers as well as filmmakers like Paul Thomas Anderson, Guillermo Del Toro, Zack Snyder, Quentin Tarantino and Edgar Wright. Based in Austin, TX, Mondo operates out of a permanent gallery space, hosting regular exhibitions featuring a blend of breathtaking original artwork and limited edition screen prints. Mondo aspires to be a creative home for artists and designers to work and have their visions realized, whether through posters, gallery shows, vinyl, apparel or toys. Their first convention in 2014, MondoCon, was a celebration of art, music, film and their creators. Mondo is also recognized by the Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences with a full archive of film posters as part of their research library. The parent company of Mondo is Alamo Drafthouse.  

And just for you, here are two exclusive streaming tracks via SoundCloud.

It's a wild time to be a film fan, and as long as Mondo's Death Waltz Recording Company is around, it will also be an expensive one. I'm going to be so happy to be so broke.

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